A designer always thinks carefully before putting pencil to paper. It is, of course, possible to combine functions such as sitting with new forms. Solely concentrating on the external appearance, though, would be little more than designing “shells“. The designers that develop for ipdesign follow another approach. The free form is a method of expression. It must, however, be built for people and not around a frame.

Assmann & Kleene

The goal for Assmann & Kleene was and still is the conceptual development of modern furniture.

Cynthia Starnes

Cynthia Starne's designed products are meant to inspire and create a connection to the owner.


Every project from GRAFT harbours something down-to-earth as well as something extraneous.

Joachim Nees

The oft-used quote 'form follows function' is still Joachim Nees' credo today.


Atmosphere is the playground of JOI-Design, who always finds surprising answers.

Prof. Stefan Heiliger

Reflecting on the act of sitting has become the focus of Prof. Stefan Heiliger's thoughts.