hand-made in Germany

ipdesign produces exclusively in its Bielefeld headquarters. Leather and fabrics are selected here, cut to shape and processed, cushion elements are formed and covered to fit their exact size. Every seam shows the perfect craftsmanship that has gone into it. Our seating furniture is produced using our state-of-the-art production technology and qualified craftsmen. With their considerable individual responsibility, personal commitment and motivation, all of the ipdesign employees contribute to the success of the collection.


It begins with an idea - seating furniture with a specific and intelligent function, a balanced design and ideal comfort. This is the guideline that defines ipdesign's work. The international selection of designers offer considerable creative scope. This is how innovative seating furniture comes about. During the development phase, prototypes are constructed with expert craftsmanship from the designs and details such as ergonomics, function, the exact fit of the covers and the firmness of the cushions are perfected.


Your interest in ipdesign may be a question of the design, aesthetics and quality of our products. For us, we see the joy of furniture with these qualities as something that goes without saying. But it's just one part of it - we are also driven by the need to combine constructive perfection and functionality with new approaches to design. Good seating plus new forms and technological innovations. This combination of ergonomics and design is located in each of our products. What you cannot and should not see at first glance are the functions in the furniture. And this forms part of the concept. Your back will appreciate it. For a long time to come.


The quality of our seating furniture is based on the careful and stringent selection of leather and fabrics. Only the best materials are used and are examined precisely for their durability and longevity. The surface texture and structure must be even and free of defects. With our elevated expectations as regards the quality and handling of the material, ipdesign's seating furniture takes on a special value of its own. The individual single unit production in accordance with varying needs also makes a statement that is unique and personal.


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