Assmann & Kleene

Furniture with new functionality

Alfred Kleene was born in Cloppenburg in 1953 and Gabriele Assmann was born just six years later in Warendorf. Alfred Kleene studied interior design at college in Detmold, while Gabriele Assmann studied design in Münster.

In 1983 they set up a joint studio specializing in furniture design and product development. Their overriding interest is in developing modern furniture for the domestic and commercial market, as well as exhibitions. Together they work for leading international companies in the furniture industry.

"Furniture with new functionality or functional elements, movable or modifiable, state-of-the-art combination opportunity, methodical furniture that can be changed or expanded in many different ways, thus enhancing their utility value. Products with a dynamic form, a new product language and method of expression, with a flowing design, sculpturally succinct and with new design features, contemporary versions of comfortable seating furniture."

Products by Assmann & Kleene


Maximum seating and lying comfort, firmly focused on the future and in best recamiere tradition.

Campus De Luxe

Savoir-vivre with a modern touch – the highest art of relaxing.


Emphatically compact and voluminous, trim stands for stability and elegance.