Joachim Nees

quality - both in design and in the materials

Since graduating with a degree in civil engineering and industrial design at the Darmstadt University of Technology, Joachim Nees has opened his own studio in Schöllkrippen.

He actually wanted to be a construction engineer, and he was interested in bridge construction among other things. But after graduating at the University of Darmstadt with his preliminary diploma, the Aschaffenburg native visited an exhibition about industrial design. The content and the exhibits on display there made a lasting impression on him and inspired him to switch his course.

What interests Joachim Nees in design? He places importance on quality - both in design and in the materials. "It's a joy to see a successful function included that complements the content of the furniture like an aha effect." He internalised the oft-used quote 'form follows function' after his studies - even today, he considers it a credo for him. He doesn't want to just develop according to his "fancy" - he wants to turn the needs of people into furniture. He approaches ideas with a very relaxed and open attitude - his curiosity helps him in his work. The future user is always the focus of his work - "The user and only the user is the focus of my efforts. As such, the human being is not just an ergonomic factor, but also the measure."

Products by Joachim Nees


With its dynamically shaped but simultaneously plain design, FLOW provides a charming retro touch to the dining room.