Founded in 1977 as Interprofil, today's seating specialist ipdesign quickly earned a name for itself in the field of high-quality interior design. Collaboration with well-known designers gave the Bielefeld company an opportunity to win over international audiences at trade fairs like the Salone del mobile in Milan.


boss, designed by Cynthia Starnes, receive the „interior innovation award - winner 2014“

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fat tony is the second project of the architectural label that is priced with the interior innovation award "winner 2013"

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cliff, designed by ip-design team is Interior Innovation Award "Winner 2012"; drift and cliff are nominated for the German Design Award 2013; renaming of the collection in ipdesign

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drift, designed by the architectural label graft is within the Interior Innovation Award "Winner 2011"; Nomination German Design Award 2012; iF Product Design Award 2012

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campus, design from Assmann and Kleene design workshop awarded the reddot award by the Design Zentrum Essen

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x-chair, designed by Joachim Nees, receives the reddot design prize from the Design Zentrum Essen. x-chair is awarded the if design award by the International Forum Design in Hanover

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interprofil conquers the German market with its first range of typically American-style sofas - jon edwards. With a design that was both timeless and modern, it had fully removable covers and variable range concept.

Milan International Furniture Exhibition: Presentation of the beo couch on castors. Designed by Japanese designer Toshiyuki Kita


First exhibition presentation of the Porsche armchair IP 84 S, designed by Ferdinand A. Porsche, Neocon Chicago and the Milan Furniture Fair.


Work together with international architects and designers begins, for example Paolo Nava (Italy), Brian Kane (USA), Otto Zapf (Germany) …


Interprofil GmbH founded